Friday, 8 August 2014

Make Money From Your Site

Every impression is an opportunity

If you want an easy way to earn money from your online content, AdSense makes sense. Google AdSense shows the right ads on your website, videos, or even web-based games and you make money. 

Adsense Account Getting Tricks 2013

1. First Sign Up The Youtube Account
2.Then Upload Any Video With Most Viewers of Youtube Video
3.This Have Chance For Getting More Views of Ur Video
4.After Getting more Viewers To Ur Account .Then Applying Adsense Via Youtube Account.
5.Give Site Name As Youtube Channel Page Address -Url
99.9% Application Is Approved

**** Enjoy With Adsense Account Simple Tricks*****

Make money online By Adding Chitika Ads to Your site or Blog and Get paid for clicks

Make money online By Adding Chitika Ads to Your site or Blog and Get paid for clicks

"Chitika Best Google Adsense Alternative"

Chitika is online advertising network that quickly become a leader in the Search, Local and Mobile sectors, and is considered the best adsense alternatives.

Chitika advertising rates and revenue?

Chitika provides pretty reasonable payments advertising rates and revenue: Low $0.02-$0.06, Average $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3

Can you use Chitika ad network and Google Adsense together on same page?

Yes, you can use Chitika ads with AdSense together on same page, because Chitika ads are non-contextual and do not look like AdSense units.

Chitika online advertising network pricing based on CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille) and unique to others advertising ads, Pay-per-call for mobile ads.

Network Type: CPC, PPC, CPM Pay-per-call for mobile ads
Chitika CPM, CPC, PPC Advertising Rates and Revenue: Average $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3

Payment Methods: PayPal, Check

Minimum Payment Threshold: $10 for PayPal, $50 for check

Payment Frequency: Monthly, NET 30

Saturday, 26 July 2014

When You're In Dire Straits

Late on rent? Can't fill your car with gas to get to work? Assuming all available funds and traditional sources of credit are tapped out, here are 25 ways to raise cash in a few days.  Keep in mind, while all of these ideas are legal, some of them are not something we would encourage.  From being an Amazon Mechanical Turk to banking your sperm we share DailyFinance's 25 ideas for raising cash in a hurry in order of the least to the most desperate.